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Sisters of Grace

A ministry that advocates for women providing care from domestic abuse and sexual betrayal through education and resources.

Sisters of Courage
Crisis care and resources for women experiencing any form of domestic abuse, whether physical, sexual, emotional, or financial.
Sisters on a Journey

A ministry for women who have been sexually betrayed by their spouse or significant other as a result of the spouse sexually acting out through affairs, pornography, etc.

Sisters of Strength

Assisting women in moving from victim to overcomer through encouragement, accountability, and personal growth.

Daughters of Change

Public awareness conversations with teens and young women regarding healthy relationship boundaries and the red flags of domestic abuse.

If you are in immediate danger contact the national hotline (1-800-799-SAFE) or call 911.


"I am very grateful for the Sisters of Grace Ministry during a very trying, tough time in my life.  I was assigned with a Grace Giver and I'm beyond grateful and thankful to God for bringing her into my life.  Her words of encouragement, conversations over the phone, and sharing Bible verses which were a Godsend.   At just the right moment, they blessed me tremendously and got me through some of my hard days.  We had the opportunity to meet each other and share our life and I feel like I have gained a friend.  She was a great listener, and I enjoyed the fellowship together.  I hope the Sisters of Grace Ministry will continue to help others in their time of crisis, as it has helped me.  It's nice to know and be reminded that we are loved and we can share our burdens with each other." 


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