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Sisters of Courage

Isaiah 2:5 

    ...come, let us walk by the light of the Lord

More than 1 in 3 women will suffer from domestic abuse during their lifetime. (Statistics provided by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.)


Many people do not realize that they are victims of abuse.

  • Does your partner strictly control who you talk to or even where you go?

  • Do they control the money in a manner that unknowingly restricts your access?

  • Does your partner constantly put you down and try to convince you that you are a bad parent?

  • Does their anger result in property being destroyed?

  • Do they threaten you with violence or, even worse, hit you or restrain you?

  • Have they threatened to commit suicide or to kill you?

If any of these scenarios seem familiar to you, you are likely a victim of abuse.


Sisters of Courage volunteers receive special training and provide a listening ear, encouragement, prayer, and an appropriate connection to resources for women experiencing abuse.

If you are in need, call us at 469-677-8568.

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